Rs100 Incentive for Trash Plastic Bottle! PepsiCo Introduced Pakistan’s First Reverse Vending Machine

The machine will give “cash for thrash” as used plastic bottles can be deposited to get a coupon of Rs. 100 discount on the purchase of KFC products.

MG Motors Pakistan Shared Part-II of Video Package “Daren Sammy’s Adventure of Lifetime with MG”

MG Motors Pakistan has shared Part 2 of the video package “Daren Sammy’s adventure of a lifetime with MG”, it is a road tour of Sammy from Lahore to Malam Jabba

7 Small Habits That Tell a Lot About Your Personality

One’s way of walking and talking, body posture and fashion reveal his personality. Following are some small habits that give clues about our personality.

Palestine: Israeli Strikes are Violation of International Norms and Preferred Moral Standards

Innocent Palestinians including kids feel victims of the brazen Israeli attacks. World powers are silent over the break of their own norm of decency.

Commissioner Lahore Determined to Restore The Distinctive Cycling Track Near BRB Canal

Commissioner Lahore is determined to complete the cycling track project near the BRB canal. The rural locality alongside will be upgraded to Rainbow village.

Dr. Faheem Younas, Pakistani American Doctor Tweets Coronavirus Tips and Responds Your Queries

Dr. Faheem Younas is chief of infectious diseases at the University of Maryland, USA. He Tweets pandemic tips, answer queries, to ease human suffering.