5 Conflict Resolution Strategies

Conflicts at the workplace are recurring – like fire if conflicts are not contained immediately, they can destroy the workplace environment. A number of human and social factors can act as a catalyst for spreading conflicts. In an environment of competition or culture of favouritism, conflict can occur rapidly. Certain human factors like stubbornness and indiscipline also cause conflicts. One can adopt certain techniques and tool to manage conflicts in the workplace. Some quick ways to handle conflict are outlined below:-

1. Accommodating

The one way to manage the conflict is to accommodate the other party with whom the conflict has occurred. In this way, the other party is allowed to satisfy their concerns while neglecting your own. Adopting this style is about maintaining peace at the workplace and focusing efforts on some other important tasks.

2. Avoiding

Avoiding conflict is like diffusing the situation which is creating conflict. If two persons are engaged in a project or in competing positions, they may be given other tasks so the conflict may be avoided.  

3. Compromising

The compromising style is adopted to find out a middle way to handle the situation. Bother parties to the conflict will have to give up certain things. This style is taken when time is scared and there is an immediate need to focus energies on achieving targets.   

4. Collaborating

Adopting this style means ignoring other parties demands and sticking on your viewpoints. This strategy is adopted when one party is morally strong and has an in-depth understanding of the state of affairs.  

5. Forcing

Through this method, formal authority is used to satisfy your concerns. Both parties to the conflict are asked to come to the solution point. Either, through adopting four ways mentioned above or by some other way. This sort of style is usually taken by higher management in an organization where person-based culture prevails.  

The is no set rule to handle the conflict. A deep understanding of the issue with the problem-solving capability one can handle the situation proficiently.

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