5 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a natural hot drink consumed mostly in winters. Apart from black tea, green tea is exceptionally beneficial for mental and physical health. Green tea has no side effect compared to black tea – which is also beneficial but it can cause stomach acidity and tooth stains. Green Tea helps burn fat and reduce weight, it soothes muscles and improves brain functions. Apart from this green tea act like herbal medicine and help fight multiple diseases. Here are five proven benefits of green tea: –  

1. Bioactive component in Green tea reduces inflammation

Green tea contains multiple bioactive components like “polyphenols” which help the reconstruction of damaged cells and reduce inflammation. These components help reduce inflammation of soft tissue of the chest cavity and ease berating. Also, the use of green tea is proved to be beneficial against symptoms linked to cancer.   

2. Green tea suppresses the growth of bacteria and prevent bad breath

Green tea is beneficial for oral health it helps reduce the growth of harmful bacterial and prevent bad breath. In this way, it also helps to lower the risk of infections. Green tea help reduce the development of plague and inhibit tooth decay.

3. Green tea improves antioxidant capacity of blood and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Green tea help improves the antioxidant capacity of blood which protect LDL from oxidation. It also contains the cholesterol level in blood. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume green tea have less chance of dying with cardiovascular diseases.

4. Green Tea Burns fat and losses weight

Green tea boost metabolic rate which is a proven sign that it helps reduce weight. Green tea also burns fat especially in the abdomen area and help improve digestion. No food or drink reduce ponds of weight, however, green tea can help to some extent in containing excess weight.

5. Green Tea Improve brain function and protect brain from aging

The caffeine which is a key stimulant in green tea improve brain function. Caffeine affects the brain by increase the firing of neurons and the concentration of neurotransmitter. It improves mental function by improving vigilance, mood and reaction time.      

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