7 Small Habits That Tell a Lot About Your Personality

Every part of our body speaks volumes about our disposition and propensities. One’s way of walking and talking, body posture, food choices and fashion reveals his personality. What we eat, what we wear, how we walk and what are our body gestures when encounter people all give clue about our personality. Following are some small habits that give clues about our personality.

Choice of Shoes

One’s choice of shoes can help gauge his age, income and anxiety attachment. People who wear comfortable shoes, tend to be more agreeable and people with ankle boots show aggressiveness of personality. However, people with new and well-maintained shoes are mostly anxious and people wearing deserted shoes are judged as depressed.

Walking Habit

Body language experts say that body language gives clues about one’s attitude and attitude is judged mostly by one’s way of walking and body posture. One research in this regard reveals that if your body weight is forward and stride is quick means you are a productive person. If you walk with chest forward, shoulder back and your head held high you are charismatic and socially adaptable. Similarly, if your weight is on your legs, it means you are more interested in people than in tasks.        

Email writing Etiquette

There is a strong relationship between certain keywords and personality traits. For instance, those who use words like “I” “me” and “mine” are usually self-obsessed. Extroverts and social people talk mostly about fun-related things like music and parties. A well-drafted email shows a high level of academic intelligence and focus. However, emails with grammatical errors show a low level of IQ.

Eating Habits

One’s eating habits tell a lot about one’s personality. Fast eaters are tended to be ambitious and impatient and slow eaters on the other side are those who like to be in control and appreciate life. The adventurous eaters are usually risk taker while picky eaters are likely to exhibit amnesty and neuroticism. Cautious people have the habit to differentiate foods on the table.    

Selfie Style

Selfie style opens a new window into judging someone’s personality. Researches have associated certain types of personality with some selfie styles. A study conducted in a university in Singapore reveals that more agreeable people tend to take selfies from the below side. Conscious people are more concerned about their background while taking selfies. People who show positive expressions are more open to positive expressions while duck faces mostly have neurotic personality.  

Shopping Habits

Shopping habits are mostly judged by major brands to launch new products or grocery stores to improve their sales. Some people are detailed oriented and others are not. Detail-oriented check each product to purchase one, while others simply pick one. Such type of people tends to be more anxious and spend less money and most time on stoppings.

Habit of Carrying Bag

Your habit of carrying a bag can help someone guess the nature of the personality you have. Wearing a bag in the crook of your arms shows you place a lot of emphasis on your social status. Waring strap across your body with a bag in front of you means you need protection while keeping a bag behind means you demonstrate a cool, calm and collected personality.     

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