7 Ways to Keep Your Children Away From Mobile Phones

In technology-ridden environments, children have become addicted to phones which are causing physical, psychological, and behavioral issues for them. The problem of kids’ screen addiction stems from elders’ excessive use of cell phones and not engaging kids in other fruitful activities. Kids learn and imitate behavior by observing and listening to others especially their parents. Parents are the first role model for their children hence they should lead kids by example. If parents become moderate and judicious in the use of mobiles at least in front of their children the half problem of the problem can be resolved. To manage the other half of the problem the following steps can be taken.

1. Counsel and educate your children

Mother and father ought to educate their kids relating to the results of extreme use of mobiles or know-how. Brother and sisters can handle the time of youngsters for use for various actions which can embrace display screen time. parents should inform kids that how extreme display screen time impacts their imaginative and prescient and psychological well being. .

2. Alternate sources of entertainment

Most children use mobile as a source of entertainment. The lockdown period due to COVID-19 has also increased kids’ craving for playing games and watching videos on Cell Phones. So, parents should offer kids other sources of entertainment like playing some outdoor games, book reading or painting etc.

3. Restrengthen your Bond with children

Out of busy routine parents should reserve time for children on regular basis. Engaging children with household work make them feel valued and useful. This will not only help reduce screen time of children but also reshape their personalities become responsible people in life.

4. Avoid scolding and punishment

Avoid scolding and punishment to children even if they use excessive time on screen or playing video games. Scolding makes children stubborn and chances are that kids may stick to their behavior instead of changing.

5. Turn the internet off and keep devices away from children

Turn off the internet when you do not have to do any work and keep mobiles out of the reach of children. This will create difficulty for kids to use gadgets; as result, they can turn to some other entertainment. Parents should avoid scolding to keep their children away from mobiles.

6. Lead by example

Children are keen observers, they imitate elders. If you stop using smartphones in front of kids, children will develop a minimum craving for mobiles. This practice can play a decisive role in shaping children’s habits. Parents are not justified in blaming kids for using smartphones if they use them excessively in front of their children.

7. No phone during family time and late-night

Parents should restrict the use of phones during family time. They should avoid using it in front of kids during family time. Also, the habit of sleeping late at night increase the craving to use technology. So, parents should train their children to sleep early.

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