Amazing Facts About The Human Body

The human body is much stronger than we think, it has startling wonders inside, some are outlined by Bill Brayson in his book “The Body – A Guide for Occupants”. The book is “a directory of wonders” according to the guardian. Bryson notes that “the brain is the most extraordinary thing in the universe”. Also, he reveals that the cartilage in bones is stronger than glass and exercise boost mood, fertility and memory. There are 2,368 bacteria in the body and when you kiss you transfer 1billion bacteria to your beloved and a normal man eats 60 tons of food in his lifetime. The more astonishing facts about the great human body are given below: –

1. Bill Brayson says “brain is the most extraordinary thing” and indeed it is, the brain can hold 200 exabytes of information which is equal to all the digital content in the world. A human brain is 75 to 80 % water other 20 per cent is proteins and fats. The information processed by the brain in 30 seconds is equal to information processed by Hubble telescope in 30 years. 20 % of our body’s energy is used by the brain and brain comprise 2% of our body weight.

2. The heart beats about 100,000 times in a day and 3.5 billion times in life Bill Brayson tells in the book. Our heart pumps out 260 litres of blood per hour and 15 per cent of blood reached to the brain. The blood takes 50 seconds to complete the journey around our body.  According to calculations, the workout of our heart throughout our lifetime is equal to work carried out to lift one-tone object 150 miles up in the air.

3. Human lungs process 4,000 gallons of air per day. In a day a human being breath in and out about 20,000 times (7.3 million breaths in a year) and process 12,500-liter oxygen daily.

4. A human can grow 25 feet of hair in lifetime, eats 60 tons of food and produces 7 tons of poop.

5. Despite we have taste receptors in our tongue, throat and gut. There are taste receptors present in the heart, lungs and testicles too. The human body contains total 10,000 taste receptors in different parts of the body.

6. The human body is made of seven billion billion billion or seven octillion atoms. The length of DNA in single-cell is around 1 meter and lifespan of DNA is tens of thousands of years. If you line up your DNA it can cover the distance from Earth to Pluto.

7. If we link human vessels together, they can cover earth globe by 2.5 times also the length of airways in lungs is 1500 miles

8. The normal human eye blinks about 14000 times in a day – means that you spend 23 minutes each day with your eyes shut.

9. Bryson notes that exercise release hormones that maintain our mood, increase fertility, reduce stress and increase our lifespan. Also, enjoying good friendship in old age increased longevity and positive social and emotional life protects our DNA.

10. About one-third of our lives, we spend sleeping.

The summary of Bill Brayson research is to “Eat little and move little bit more”.

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