Apple Became World’s Largest Smartphone Seller

Apple became the world’s largest seller of smartphones – its shipments cross 90.1 million mobile phones in the last quarter of 2020 and revenue crossed $ 100 billion. Apple’s variety of new models and iPhone 12 lineup which is apple’s first 5G enabled devise help boost the sale of technology, especially in China. Apple’s soaring sale dented Huawei mobiles in chine. Its market share remained at 23.1 pc globally, however its sales increased in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The shipment of Apple increased by 22 pc in the fourth quarter of the last year. Launching new products in fourth quarter help apple won top spot from Samsung.

Apple is America’s largest public limited company with net worth of more than 2.4 trillion dollars – its sales flourished during the days of the pandemic. Apple posted great sales of Mac Laptops and iPads in addition to smartphones.  

Earlier, Samsung recorded 6.2 pc per year increase, reaching 73.9 million devices with a market share of 19.1 pc. Samsung ranked second according to IDC. However, Huawei mobile is seen struggling with shipments trembling a record of 42.2 pc which is 32.3 million. At the same time, Chinese companies hampered by US government on security grounds. China’s Xiaomi Corp remained number three largest company and its shipments soared by 32 per cent. The shipments of number fourth ranked Oppo climbed to 10.7 per cent.  Huawei is number fifth largest exporter of smartphones according to IDC, however, some authorities put it on number seven.

According to Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, Apple has $ 620 million subscribers on its official platform and the number is higher than the target of $ 600 million by the end of 2020. The Apple CEO said in an interview with Reuters that Apple’s MAC sales remained at $ 8.68 billion and IPad revenue at $ 8.44billion. Apple services business which includes its one bundle of television, music and cloud storage service earned revenue of $ 15.76 billion. Also, apple wearable and accessories segment hit $ 12.97 in revenue.  

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