Amazing Facts About The Human Body

In the book “The Body – A Guide for Occupants” Bill Bryson tells that “the brain is the most extraordinary thing”. Also, he reveals the wonders of the body.

Joe Biden Took Oath as 46th President of USA – Says “Disagreement Must Not Lead to Disunion”

Joe Biden, 78 years old who belongs to the democratic party of USA, took oath as 46th and oldest president of the United States of America on 20th January 2021.

The News-Elimination of Pension For Widows Is Fake, Says KPK Finance and Health Minister

The news "elimination of pension for widows' is rejected by Finance and Health Minister of KPK. He also rejected setting maximum age limit to receive pension

United Kingdom Parliamentarians Spoke About Indian Curbs In Kashmir – HRW Slums India Over Gross HR Violations

The UK MPs have said that women are harassed, youngsters are tortured and “freedom of expression” is curbed in Kashmir, HRW report signals gross HR violations.

The COVID-19 Lockdown Caused Surge In Divorce And Breakups! Europe Is The Worst Hit

During COVID-19 lockdown the hidden chinks in the couples' personalities became prominent. As result, divorces increased around the world, especially in Europe.

Why Muhammad Amir Quit International Cricket? Disappointment or Intention To Amass Money By Playing Leagues! Here Are Four Possible Scenarios.

Muhammad Amir has PCB management for “torturing him mentally”. Sometimes bowling coach says “Amir has ditched us” they also say "PCB has invested in Amir"

The Great Expectations From The Coke Studio 2020

The Coke Studio is in the control of the music lord Rohail Hayyat, who always produces excellent music, hence the music lovers have great expectations.

Four Positive News Related To Pakistan Snubbed By Electronic Media

1.Ehsas Program bringing positive change 2.Govt Package put economy in recovery 3.Virgin airline started flight operations 4.Pakistan challenge India for GI Tag

There Has Been Robbery Of General Public Noam Chomsky Believes! He Also Warns About Four Terminal Threats To Humanity

Noam Chomsky believes that public money is stolen. He outlines the terminal threat to humanity and highlighted the intensity of these threats for South Asia.

How To Increase Focus

Guarding thoughts, adopting a thinking pattern which is in line with our intentions, while keeping a check on the invading distractions can help increase focus.

Indian Sponsored Terrorism; Media Is Indifferent to build Pakistan’s Narrative

Pakistan shared Irregutaable Proofs of Indian Involvement in terrorist activities on its soil. But, Pakistani media is indifferent to propagate this narrative.

How To Reduce Mental Stress

Reducing stress requires having a mindset which builds by adopting a conscious thought pattern. A combination of physical and mental training can reduce stress.