Global COVID-19 lock down and military Siege in Kashmir – situation needs attention

5th august Kashmir, a valley of 8 million forced into lock down. Within a year, world has to face lock down, not imposed by a tyrant. India wants to grab Kashmir.

War hysteria: Gautam Gambhir tweet on Rafale jets gets befitting reply from Australian Journalist!

Gautam Gambhir welcome Rafale jets in a tweet. Dennis Freedman replied, “make sure they don't cross line else they'll be destroyed, as happened on 27 Feb 2019”.

Oxford university COVID-19 vaccine shows promising results, US ascertained its vaccine cost.

World powers are hopeful to get COVID-19 vaccine. China, Russia, Oxford University of UK and USA have successful trials, USA ascertained vaccine cost.

Punjab Government sets COVID 19 test price limit and freezes treatment charges.

The healthcare regulatory bodies working under the Punjab government set a benchmark maximum rate limit for COVID 19 real-time PCR test