Biometric Attendance System Implemented in Different Police Stations of Punjab

Biometric attendance system is implemented in different police stations of Punjab. Initially, 720 Police Stations of Punjab are Identified where Biometric attendance System will be implemented. The Office of DIG Punjab has started distributing Biometric Attendance Systems to the police stations. DIG IT Punjab said that “the implementation of Biometric Attendance System will help in keeping a check on police staff”. Also, the practice of bribing police clerks for proxies will be curtailed by the implementation of the system.

According to DIG IT Punjab Police Mr. Waqas Nazir, SHOs, Investigation Officers and all other staff of the police station will mark attendance on Biometric Machine. The Police Officers who will not mark their thumbs on Biometric System their attendance will not be entered in the daily online report and they will be considered absent from duty.

Punjab Police logistic branch is distributing Biometric Machines to different police stations of Punjab, the biometric attendance will be started from June 10, 2021. The IG Punjab office will monitor the Biometric attendance. The system will also be implemented in DIG offices later on. Initially, Biometric attendance system will be implemented in Police Lines Qila Gujjar Singh and Qurban Lines.

By taking such steps and introducing Technology to government departments generally and Police Department specifically the Punjab Government is meant to improve the capacity of the institutions. In October last year CM Punjab Mr. Usman Buzdar handed over 571 new vehicles to Punjab Police. The ruling PTI government has also implemented modern systems in KPK which have produced fruitful results.

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