Rs100 Incentive for Trash Plastic Bottle! PepsiCo Introduced Pakistan’s First Reverse Vending Machine

The machine will give “cash for thrash” as used plastic bottles can be deposited to get a coupon of Rs. 100 discount on the purchase of KFC products.

Resolution Adopted by KP Assembly to Allow Facebook Monetization in Pakistan

The government of KPK adopted a resolution to allow the monetization of Facebook. The resolution forwarded by Ziaullah Bangash MPA of PTI.

Apple Became World’s Largest Smartphone Seller

Apple became the world’s largest smartphones seller–its shipments cross 90.1 million mobile phones in the last quarter of 2020 and revenue crossed $ 100 billion

PUBG Anthem, Asim Azhar Just Released Stunning Song To Promote The Game!

 Azim Azhar, PUBG Pakistan ambassador is promoting the game by launching PUBG Anthem "Khelta Ja". The anthem has a stunning video depicting the game's features

Pakistani Lecturer Is Among World’s Top 1% Most Influential Computer Science Researchers

Mr Mubashir Hussain alumni of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology has ranked among 1 % influential computer science researchers of the world.

Gravity Industries has Shown Jet Suit for Paramedics in a Successfully Tested Flight:

The jet suit for paramedics tested successfully in an exercise to save the injured. The suit is invented by Richard Browning, owner of Gravity Industries.

Cost effective and user-friendly Electronic vehicles can help fight climate change.

The emissions from fossil fuel run automobiles are contributing to environmental changes. Electric Vehicles are environment friendly and cost effective.