Caution! Excessive Use of Social Media Can Be Harmful – Here are Some Side Effects

Certainly, we are unable to survive in this fast-paced world without social media. It has become an integral part of our social and unsocial life. Social media facilitates us by giving news and tips for life, food, society and even everything, it gives us entertainment. Its importance in our lives cannot be overemphasized. At this time of social distancing and isolation, most people have no other option except to use social media. However, its overuse can cause some serious issues. Though social media keeps us connected to people who are miles away yet socially distance ourselves from our near ones. In addition to benefits, there are following side effect of social media: –

1. Showing highlighted self on social media cause inadequacy about our lives

Every user shares his highlighted image on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps. Even if you know that such display is manipulated, however, it sows the seeds of inadequacy about your life. It fuels envy even if we know that others are sharing only highlighted self.

2. Display of wealth and luxuries can cause jealousy and despondency for others

When we share some events and images of success or some leisure time events it causes envy and frustration for others. Some social media users who are unable to afford such luxuries of life displayed by others, experience dejection and despondency.

3. Fear of missing out creates addiction of social media

Social media users usually experience fear of missing out something important. This fuel further addiction to use social media, trigger anxiety and impact your self-esteem. It compels you to check your phone or device every other minute, you will check every notification on your device.   

4. Depression, anxiety and self-absorption

Psychologists say that taking and sharing excessive selfies is a serious mental disorder. Too much focus on one’s appearance causes one to engage in self-absorption and cause mental health issues. Virtual interlinking lacks the essence of real-life connections. In physical connections, eye contact and conversation keeps one happy and motivated, it helps our body to release happy hormones which increase our mood and psychological health.

5. Isolation

Increased social media use trigger loneliness. One becomes isolated from family and friends around. Increased usage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other chatting app impact one’s psychological health. The kids are lacking confidence and having low communication skills due to the excessive use of social media.

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