7 best online Qurbani services to avail on Eid ul-Azha 2020.

The COVID 19 pandemic has influenced every rule and ritual of humanity. It has compelled people to perform even religious obligations online. Hence, “Qurbani” a ritual of Eid-ul-Azha is also fulfilled through Apps and websites.
Due to extraordinary precautions and restrictions by the government, dependence on online Qurbani service has increased. In this scenario, social welfare organizations and meat companies have set up online Qurbani services.
Here are seven top online Qurbani services that one can avail to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha 2020.

Social Welfare Organizations and trusts:

1.Online Qurbani 2020 – Shaukat Khanum
“Online Qurbani 2020” is the initiative of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. For Qurbani 2020 one has to register on Shaukat Khanum Hospital’s official website and pay online or submit Chaque to designated collection centers of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. The order can also be placed at collection centers of the hospital across Pakistan.
Shaukat Khanum offers reasonable charges for all three forms of Qurbani. The Goat rate is Pkr. 22,000/-, Cow Share rate is Pkr. 9,500/-and Full Cow Qurbani cost is Pkr. 66,500/-
The Qurbani meat is distributed among deserving families and not shared with donors.

Online Qurbani Shaukat Khanum

2.Online Qurbani Service – Edhi Foundation
Edhi Foundation is also a renowned organization helping needy people in Pakistan. The organization also offering exclusive “Online Qurbani Service” in all three options.
For online Qurbani, one has to visit the Edhi Foundation website and donate money equal to the Qurbani option of choice. Online payment and local payment service like Easypaisa is available. The foundation charge Pkr 14,000/- for Goat, Pkr 9,000/- for cow share and Pkr 63,000/- for a full cow.
Edhi Foundation also shares meet only with deserving families and not with the donors.


3.Qurbani 2020 – Al Khidmat Foundation
Since 1990 Al Khidmat Foundation is serving the ailing humanity worldwide. Now on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha, it is all set to share Qurbani meat in Pakistan, Syria and for Rohingya Muslims in Nepal.
AlKhidmat Foundation charges Pkr. 24,000/- for Goat, Pkr. 11,000/- for cow share and Pkr. 77,000/- for a full cow.

“Online Qurbani Service” of meat companies:

4.Metro-Online Qurbani:
Metro Cash and Carry is a top wholesale store operating in Pakistan. Now, the Metro store offers a safe and hygienic online Qurbani Service.
The online Qurbani booking is open in four Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Faisalabad. Metro shares the approximate weight of Qurbani meat along with its cost. Metro cost of Qurbani includes Pkr. 26,799/- for goat, Pkr. 14,500/- for cow share and Pkr. 95,000/- for a full cow.
Booking is through www.metro-online.pk and both self-pick and delivery service are offered by the metro store.

Metro online qurbani

Qurbaniapp.com is a popular website/app which deals in the sale of cattle and now booking animals for Qurbani 2020. The app provides service only in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
When the order is placed online, pictures of animals are shared with the buyer. After the order invoice is generated, animal or meat after Qurbani is delivered at your home address. Step by step process of animal sacrifice is shared through WhatsApp.
The Qurbaniapp charges Pkr. 25,000/- for goat, Pkr. 15,000/- for cow share and Pkr. 91,000/- for a full cow. The payment options are also divers, through online banking and Easypaisa.

Qurbanionline.com deals in the online sale of cattle and Qurbani service, it also manages to deliver live animals and Qurbani meat at your doorstep. The app also offers to share meat directly with organizations like Edhi Foundation. The Qurbani online setup working online in Karachi and Islamabad.
The prices charged varies, depending on the weight of the animal. The cost of goat sacrifice is Pkr. 25,000/- to 45000/-, share in bull Pkr.25000/- and a complete bull cost is Pkr. 80,000/- to 170,000/- Also, they charge Pkr. 1600/- for home delivery. The payment mode is online banking and credit card only.

7.Zenith Meat Company
Zenith Meat Company working with the slogan to provide “fresh and hygienic meat” has branches in Lahore, from where Qurbani meat is delivered to customers. People living in the surroundings of Lahore can also get benefit from the service.
Zenith meat does not provide home delivery service, the customers have to collect Qurbani meat from branches.
Zenith charges Pkr. 27,900/- for goat, Pkr. 26,900/- for sheep, Pkr. 15,800/- for cow share and Pkr. 98,000/- for a full cow. The payment is through online banking and zenith offers up to 20% discount if payment is made through selected banks.


In whatever way the Qurbani is performed, it must be according to the guided way and its meat must be reached to needy and deserving. To Allah reaches only one’s “piety”

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