Five Manners Parents Should Teach Their Children

Life has become too much busy – parents hardly find time to put in efforts in teaching good manner to their children. Also, in a modern technology-driven society, it seems that social media and electronic gadgets taking control of kids more than their parents. Though the most important responsibility of parents is to teach children the manners yet they can behave ethically. A major part of raising children comprises of teaching them manners. Children are good mimics so they learn mostly seeing what others do. However, parents need to instil at least following basic manners in their children: –   

1. Teach them to say “please” and “thank you”

The kids need to teach saying “thank you” to the people who serve and guide them. Also, children should learn to say “thanks” when receiving gifts. Such manners can help children learn the importance of things or services they receive – such acts also gratify others. If a kid is learned to say please while taking assistance in some matters he is expected to be responded positively.

2. Looking after their goods and chattels

The school going kids are mostly careless about their goods and chattels. They need to teach how to look after their bag, lunch box or personal items they carry while going to school or out for trips. Leaving personal items on an improper place means kids are becoming irresponsible and this negative facet is likely to become a regular part of their personality. Parents need to be with kids while putting their personal goods in a proper place – it can help kids learn to keep goods and chattels properly.

3. The art of conversation

Listening to others patiently and waiting for your turn to speak is considered good conversation ethics. It gives confidence to the speaker and his argument is likely to be heard with due attention. This is the habit that most young kids are at trouble to develop. To teach such conversation manners, parents need to engage with children in pleasant conversation and discuss some issues point by point. At the same time, parents can guide how to patiently listen while others are speaking.

4. Instill good table manners.

Whether it is a routine meal or special meal party with guests, kids need to display good manners. Manners like waiting to get take food until everybody is served or not chewing with mouth full of excessive food must be taught. Also, kids need to teach to take food in time and get done with their food in minimum possible time. For reference, the army cadets are usually trained at maintaining such etiquettes.

5. Children are to teach social media etiquette

Social media is taking a major portion of our time. Teens are endlessly engaging with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. While using social media, they fail to give attention to routine social activities and sometimes does not respond when someone is talking to them – this comprises bad manners. Hence, parents need to politely set limits for kids to use gadgets and social media. Also, there is a need to teach “etiquettes” of interaction with others on social media and dos and don’ts of social media should be taught clearly.

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