Five Qualities Of A Great Leader

Prophets who are sent for the guidance of different generations are considered the best ever leaders in the history of the universe. They all work indiscriminately on the greater interests of mankind. Among leaders of modern times, only devoted and sincere ones hold true authority and power over their followers. Besides sincerity and devotion, there are five qualities that one should adopt to become a good leader.

  1. A great leader is an exceptional mentor

A mentor is someone who provides both example and helping hand and whose life be like an open book for his followers to follow. So, a good leader is like a mentor and role model for his followers. Also, a good leader is brought up under the guidance of his mentor. Socrates mentored Plato and Aristotle became disciple of Plato. In the current era, though technology and digitalization have modernized world, however certain human aspects are difficult to negate. As now, Bill Gates is mentored by Warn Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg is a disciple of Bill Gates.

2. Having agenda and dream

The quality that stands out a leader from non-leaders is having a vision and dream. This vision allows a leader to have a different idea and strong opinion which support his vision and goal. The idea can be a new invention or a “thought” for “the greater good” of a nation or humanity.  Martin Luther King Jr had a dream of equality and social right for all. When he propagated his dream with a strong viewpoint it attracted the masses and he emerged as a leader and an activist of nonviolence civil right movement.  

3. Keeping promises

A leader promises his followers to achieve the goal for which they are fighting. He promises his followers to stand by in the time of adversity and keep his promise. Followers stand only with a leader when they found that their leader is stand by them at any situation however difficult it was. However, when succeed in their endeavour, a true leader bestows achievements on his followers, hence the adage is “great people always scorn great recompense”.    

4. Strengthen morale

In 1943, General Sir William Salim, while resorting the morale of the British army whom Japanese throw out of Burma said that “morale is a state of mind, which must be created on three levels. First is spiritual level and spiritual does not mean only religious it can be a struggle for a great or noble cause. Second is Intellectual, which means logical understanding that an object is attainable. Last is the materialistic level which means that all tools of the job are provided to achieve a goal. A pure leader helps build morale necessary to stay calm and strong in even adverse circumstances.   

5. A leader leads his followers to discover their own strengths

A hallmark of a true leader is that he tells his followers, not about his own charisma but help followers to discover their talents and abilities to achieve goals. He gives confidence to his followers and at this point followers identify themselves.  

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