Four Positive News Related To Pakistan Snubbed By Electronic Media

There are some positive news regarding Pakistan that must be trending news and media should discuss them to educate people. However as usual the case is different, Pakistani media (specifically electronic media) prioritize sellable news over real issues. Most media outlets especially electronic media setups running news of political mudslinging and taking people’s eyes off the real issues.

There are four news which indicates that the dynamics of Pakistan politics are changing, depicts metamorphosis of Pakistan’s social landscape, signals Pakistan’s emerging credibility and show changing image of the country on the international sphere.

  1. Ehsas Program Binging Positive Changes To Pakistan Says Delivery Associates Report

Delivery Associates issued a report titled “The Ehsaas programme: Shift from politics of patronage to politics of performance”. The report upheld “The Ehsas Programme” and commented that the program shall bring positive change in Pakistan society and likely to be adopted as a global example to eliminate poverty. Delivery Associate is an international firm work with governments to achieve measurable developmental impact. The report analyzes the key principals of the program i.e. transparency, multiplicity and result-driven. The report evaluated “Ehsas Kafalat”, “Ehsas Scholarship Program” and “Ehsaas Nashonuma”     

2. Govt Relief Package Put Economy In Recovery Phase Asian Development Bank Report

ADB in its brief Asian Development Outlook Supplement stated that “Pakistan’s economy is recovering, especially in the manufacturing and construction sectors, supported by the government emergency relief”. The report suggested that the developments in production and agriculture sector indicate that the Pakistan economic growth rate will remain between to 2.6% to 2.8% in the current fiscal year.

3. Virgin Airline Of United Kingdom Started Flight Operations For Pakistan   

The third positive news is Virgin Arline’s start of its flight operation for Pakistan. Virgin Airline of United Kingdom kicked start its flight operation for Pakistan on 11th December 2020 and become the second-largest airline of UK after British Airways to start flights for Pakistan. The first flight received by British High Commission Christian Turner and Zulfi Bukhari, PM Special Assistant to Overseas Pakistanis. Zulfi Bukhari said on the occasion that the operations of international flights will boost trade and tourism in the country and will help increase trade between the UK and Pakistan.  

4. GI Tag For Basmati Rice

To counter India’s bid to obtain Geographical Indication (GI) of Basmati Rice, Intellectual Property Organization IPO has filed has an application in the European Union (EU). GI is a sign used on products that have certain geographical origin and such products contain certain value or quality. Protection of Geographical Indication helps increase export and boosts agriculture sector and life and well being of people associated with the agriculture sector. It also helps to increase export.

The summary of some positive news is shared above, such news which have real social and economic impacts on common people and which help to evaluate the real performance of the governments are mostly missed. Despite heated political media news, such news should be considered for discussion on Pakistan TV Channels.  

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