From Inflation to Governance and Cricket – PM IK Faced Tough Questions on All Key Issues

Prime Minister of Pakistan faced tough questions of the common Pakistanis in a live telephonic conversation. The telephonic question session was telecasted live on all TV Channels. It was a good activity which will improve the confidence of masses on government. It also shows the interest of prime minister in understanding and solving the problems of common Pakistanis. The prime minister openly responded to all questions and gave people the way out to solve problems. At the same time, the prime minister shared the future prospects of the government’s long-term policy. He said that “this is the only government that is policing for the coming generation not next elections”

The prime minister resolved again to fight the powerful political elite corrupting the country. He said that “the economy of the country drowned by the corruption of powerful ministers not by minor irregularities of low-rank officials”. He reaffirmed that he will punish the powerful and corrupt who remained in government only to amass their wealth.   

Responding to the question of inflation in the country, the prime minister explained that prices of common commodities increase when the value of rupee downs. He ensured that the value of rupee will be strengthened soon and prices will be down.

Prime minister said that the economy can be strengthened by tourism and increasing exports. He further said that the tree planting campaign will give the coming generations a health environment. He also stressed on the need to plant olive which will be beneficial for the economy.

Regarding questions of the publication of blasphemous caricatures, Imran Khan said the “west is unable to understand Muslim’s love for the holy prophet”. He said the Muslim leaders should make joint efforts to combat this sensitive issues.

Responding to one caller, who’s land was grabbed, prime minster ensured the stick action and said that his government is waging a war against land mafias. All such complaints should be registers at “Pakistan Citizen Portal” said Imran Khan.

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