How To Improve Memory

Good memory is considered as a mark of competency and intellect. Some people believe that ability to remember things is only god gifted and the human mind cannot be trained to improve memory, but reality seems a little different. One can train the mind to remember things by using different techniques. By understanding the limits of our brain and setting small milestones we can help our mind memorize things easily and for a long time. Following are seven facts to understand and train the human mind for better memory: –    

  1. Human mind can remember only seven information at one time: –

Have you ever noticed that phone numbers used worldwide have seven digits? if digits prolong they are broken. This is done considering the nature of human memory which can hold only up to seven information at a time. To observe this, you can read words for someone and ask him to remember and repeat. When he will repeat, you will observe that he would be able to repeat only 5 or seven words. Hence to have better memory try to remember only up to seven things at one time.       

2. New information fades shortly – Revise after fifty seconds

To remember things for a long time you need to repeat information next to fifty seconds after you read or listen to the information. Information remembered once after fifty seconds stays long in your mind. The similar practice can be done the second time after another fifty seconds. In your place of work for instance, if you want someone to do some task for you, but he forgets, try to repeat task after fifty seconds during conversation and he will never forget again.  

3. Do not read more than 45 minutes at one time

This is a fact that school or college lectures are comprised of 45 minutes if lectures are for a long time, a short break is taken. Make a habit to have mental activity for 45 minutes only and take a break afterwards. A short break relaxes brain muscles, helps absorb information and prepares it for further activity.  

4. Enjoy after fulfilling target – listen music or relax

Relax mind after fulfilling your target like reading target or writing a paper. You can take a little walk, listen to music or relax muscles for short time. There is the part of the brain which consolidates the information you take up; it will relax and functions better after relaxation.

5. Brain remind things which have nuisance value

The events which have nuisance value remain in our mind for a long time. For instance, while travelling we are unable to notice automobiles running on the road, however, if an automobile has an accident it will remain in your memory for a long time. So, while reading or memorizing, tag important points with a highlighter or make symbols, this will help remember things for a long time.  

6. Stay away from multitasking and reduce reliability on apps and gadgets

Multitasking robes our attention from our actual tasks. It distracts attention and our mind struggles to memorize. Also, while we have gadgets and internet facility, we hardly use our brain to remember things. When our mind struggles to memorize its strength increase. However, when we do not bother to revive things in our mind and take help from apps our brain strength decreases.  

7. Take sweet

Any type of sweet help strengthens brain activity and memory. Take little sweets if you are not diabetic.  

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