How To Increase Focus

The revolution of technology has made life busy, everywhere there is a bombardment of information. Whenever we try to work on a task, a Twitter notification or our dependence on social media distract us from our endeavours. Also, in a busy work routine, where we have to deal with people from personnel and professional sphere of life and handle multiple things remaining focused on our important tasks is difficult. Sleeplessness, stress and anxiety are other things which robe our attention from imperative activates. There is a need to know how to increase focus?

Guarding thoughts, adopting a pattern of thinking which is in line with our intentions, while keeping a check on the invading distractions can help increase focus. However, we can also increase focus by adopting the following techniques: –

  1. Know the agents causing distractions and fix them

Firstly, one needs to know what are the factors that are taking one’s attention away from starting the task. Mostly, such distractors are useless thoughts which take our precious time. Also, some people, especially students have distraction habits like building a castle in the air. So whenever, they open book for study, the thoughts of fantasies catch their mind. Today, addiction to social media and unnecessary internet surfing has become major distractors.  

2. Prepare your brain

While you are done with identifying the “agents of distraction” you need to prepare your brain in a well-directed way, in line with the activity you are going to perform. Instead of thinking on anything else, breakdown your tasks and work on each part of your task. For instance, an archer needs to focus on a target board, he has to make effort to draw the bow, to breathe correctly and to maintain the elegance of posture. His main task is to hit the target, but he will do it if he will perform at every step correctly.

3. Set priorities

Setting the priorities will do away with unrelated activates which take your time and attention. It will help channel your efforts and thoughts in a productive way. For instance, If you are going to write a blog post, social media notifications, news items and videos you watch while wandering on the internet must be the lesser priorities. In this case, actual priority must be blogpost, its main idea and related research.   

4. Understand the importance and outcome of the work

Whatever you are doing, you must need to know the importance of your task and its possible outcomes like how the activity will affect you? one may be naïve in certain activates that he may not be able to draw any conclusion. However, one can try to use his god give judgment, which at least keeps him involved in pure activities related to his task.

5. Peaceful sleep.

Without a peaceful sleep of seven to eight hours, your mid will remain wandering. It will be unable to think correctly and plan properly. Sleeplessness is the major cause of mental distraction, anxiety and depression. So, sleep better to have a well-focused mindset.

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