How To Stop Being An Average

In any field of life, remaining average depicts a stagnant mindset. Taking the path of excellence is a state of mind that one has to set. It is an insatiable desire of prominence that derives one to step upward in life. One has to get out of his routine and start doing things he hasn’t been doing. Removing the tag of an average is a slow, step by step and painstaking process that can change the whole of one’s life.

One has to create a step by step roadmap to gain excellence considering his vision, nature of tasks and ambitions. However, the steps outlined below can help set a path.

  1. Set goals and carve a way out

One feels perplexed when he desires to come out of a certain situation. He confuses multiple way outs to get out of the situation. At this point picking the right option out of already shortlisted ideas is the key. The tenacity of purpose and believe in his ideas provide strength for decision making. The belief is the key it gives “will power” and clarity of thought. The Nobel cause of setting standards of equality gave Nelson Modella courage to fight hardships.

2. Self-reflection to outline one’s strengths and weaknesses

Introspection is the right technique for self-reflection and to know real oneself. In the light of his vision, when one knows one’s strength and weaknesses he comes at a defining moment. An average sportsman – a soccer player, for instance, when decides to be a top striker, at a moment he feels he is stuck, and going backwards. However, out of despair when he counts his capabilities he rises to success.

3. Continuous learning

Changing oneself is a slow process, one has to arrange and rearrange bit and pieces of his mentality, character and mode of behaviour. Therefore, continuous and conscious leaning at every step of life is the best lesson. To convert oneself from an average doer to top leader, a multipronged personality is required which is built by continuous learning over the years.   

4. Learn from experiences of others

Having a mentor, or a guide who has already taken the path you desire is absolutely necessary. Learning from his experiences and mistakes that he already made will help you achieve your goals promptly. Like, this article will help you arrange thoughts and map a way out.    

5. Get away from negative though and people

You must counter negative thoughts, ambiguities and fear of failure at the time whenever you think differently. Negative thoughts, i.e. thinking that if you take another path of life you will fail or you will be ruined radiates negative energy and disappoints you. Negative thoughts stop average business persons to invest in new endeavours and becoming a business leader, despite having exceptional logic and skill. A thought may come that you might lose your saving and ruin business set up by making a new investment, but one must imagine that what if one earns a double profit.    

6. Stop worrying about what other people will say

A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson goes that “Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members. The virtue in most request is conformity. Self-reliance is its aversion. It loves not realities and creators but names and customs” Hence make a rule do not let others define you, only your vision full of logic is your guide. Other people only value custom, routines and average among them.  

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