International Establishment Conspiring With PDM to Overthrow Imran Khan Government, Reported a Seasoned Journalist

International establishment conspiring to overthrow the Imran Khan government through ongoing political chaos created by Maulana Fazal ur Rehman lead Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). The shocking facts revealed by the respected journalist and columnist Haroon Ur Rasheed in his program “Muqabil” aired on 92 news on Sunday night. The veteran journalist further revealed that a powerful Arab country (supposedly Saudi Arabia) is supporting the plan and Maulana Fazul ur Rehaman is a key player of the plan – Nawaz Sharif is also excited to materialize the move. The plan will be executed by exacerbating the political chaos which will emerge from PDM rallies.

International Establishment Conspiring With PDM to Overthrow Imran Khan Government | Muqabil with Haroon ur Rasheed | 17 January 2021

Haroon Ur Rasheed also reported that there is a plan to create an environment of technocrat government after spreading turbulence. “Abdullah Hussain Haroon”- a veteran politician and businessman, is expected to lead the technocrat setup. When the anchor of the program Sarwat Valim asked about the authenticity of this astonishing new, he confirmed that the news is accurate and sources are reliable. To opine on the report, he said that “the army will oppose the conspiracy” and try to counter the expected chaos and turbulence in the country.      

He further argued that the USA is a key moderator of the plan because politically destabilized Pakistan is in America’s interest, also Pakistan ties with China are unacceptable for the United States. Different NGOs, anti-establishment media outlets and hostile factions will be used to fan the flames of chaos.    

Based on his vast experience in the field of journalism he prophesied that it would be impossible to materialize this plan. “Imran Khan will respond strongly, he will fight back with his charged supporters”, after all “it is impossible to accept Fazal ur Rehman or Abdullah Hussain to be the prime minister at this stage,” said the veteran journalist. He also reported that the opposition protests will be held in Islamabad and not in Rawalpindi.

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