Joe Biden Took Oath as 46th President of USA – Says “Disagreement Must Not Lead to Disunion”

Joe Biden, 78 years old who belongs to the democratic party of USA, took oath as 46th president of the United States of America on 20th January 2021. Biden makes history, becoming the oldest president to hold the office of president of USA. The oath was administered by the US, Chief Justice Johan Robert. On this occasion, the new US president pledged to “preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States”. In the US Election 2020 Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump, he won 306 (51.4%) electoral votes while Trump got only 232 votes.  

Joe bidden took oath in an unusual ceremony which was marred both by coronavirus pandemic and security concerns followed the assault of Trump supporter on capitol hill. Also, it was a historic occasion that for the first time in US history a black woman of Asian American origin became US Vice president. It will also be remembered as “first US president’s oath-taking” which was not attended by the outgoing president.

In the inaugural speech, the new president gave the message of “hope”. He vowed to “bring America together, uniting people and nation”. The president pledged to unite and fight the foes – anger, hatred, resentment, lawlessness, extremism, lawlessness, joblessness and hopelessness”. Joe Bidden also addressed the emerging threat of racial injustice in America. He said that “we can deliver racial justice” and can fight “white supremacy”. Biden stressed to resolve the difference, endurance and that “disagreement must not lead to disunion”.

The historic moments are adored by the performance of Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga, who sign the national anthem. The ceremony was also attended by former President Barak Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton. It is pertinent to mention that Joe Biden had also been served as vice president of America under the presidentship of Barak Obama.

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