Manage These Five Things to Avoid the Depression Build-Up.

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness, loss of energy and decreased pleasure. Depression is a growing disease that inflicts lives not only of individuals who are suffering from it but also of their near and dear ones. One slowly sinks into the deep waters of depression, ultimately his life is ruined. In our routine life, small events pile up and ultimately manifest in the form of depression.

The modern competition-ridden environment has evaded men of his happiness and peace of mind. In our environment and routine life activities, there are certain stress factors that multiply the level of depression. We have to give proper attention to such factors at the very moment of their occurrence.  This will help bring a peaceful moment, a happy day and ultimately a pleasant life. This will also help avoid a number of other diseases that are born out of depression. Here are depression substances that can be present around us.  

1. Reduce the use of social media

When we contact others in person it triggers hormones that lower the level of stress and anxiety. Social connections also trigger feelings, emotions and memory which elevates our mode. On the other hand, when we connect through social media we became physically isolated. Hence our natural emotional balance disturbs which causes stress. Social media is an addiction lower its use on daily basis.    

2. Reduce overthinking

It is useless to think about things that are beyond our control. To avoid depression, one must keep a strict check on his thinking habits. When you keep a check on your thinking patterns you must immediately cease overthinking and engage yourself in some useful activities. It will help manage thinking imbalance and reduce depression.  

3. Always think Positive  

Keep a check on your thoughts, if you are struggling with negative thoughts practice mindfulness. Detach yourself from your thoughts and see them as an outside observer. It will help grow your self-awareness. Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind ask yourself is this thought helpful? what purpose is the thought serving you? and how does the thought make you feel? fix the thought in response to these questions.   

4. Do not run after materialistic things – be spiritual

The love and passion for the materialistic lifestyle make you unsatisfied. The desire and struggle for lavish things multiply which causes dissatisfaction and depression. One must limit desires to attain peace of heart and mind. A dissatisfied and depressed soul with a luxurious lifestyle is useless.   

5. Keep yourself away from negative people.

The less your respond to negative people the more peaceful your life will become. To avoid depression buildup, one should avoid negative people. It is pertinent to know what are the habits of negative. The negative people bear a passive outlook for life, they have always something to tell you to improve your life. Such people exaggerate your little mistakes and mock you over petty errors. Negative people always tell you that you are at fault in every condition.

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