Pakistan All Set to Make Its Own Single Dose COVID-19 Vaccine

Soon after the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the race for developing vaccine started to save precious lives from the deadly novel virus. Many countries have so far developed COVID Vaccines which are used across the world, some are considered less effective while others great have efficacy. Now Pakistan is all set to develop its own single dose COVID Vaccine. According to the statement of executive director National Institute of Health Major General Prof. Amer Ikram, the spadework for the development of vaccine will be started by the end of April this year.   

Major General Prof. Amer Ikram updated the National Assembly standing committee on national health services that they have requested China to transfer technology, in this regard, raw material for the vaccine is expected to arrive this month. He also informed the NA standing committee on health that all necessary chemicals have been acquired to start the process of vaccine preparation.

He further said the NIH act is amended to restructure the organization, it will help make NIH more vibrant and result oriented. He further added that NIH is ready to undertake this task and a team of Chinese experts has also arrived to oversee the process. He further said that Pakistan was the first country who allowed CanSinoBio for vaccine trials.  

Currently, Pakistan has allowed a number of international vaccines for emergency use. CanSinoBio Vaccine gifted by china is currently administered to the health care worker and general population over 50 years of age. Private sector health facilities are allowed to import Sputnik V vaccine and import of Pfizer vaccine is also under process. Other vaccines like AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer are used globally, mostly in Europe.

The emergence of coronavirus variants has raised some questions about the efficacy of the vaccine. However, the countries like Pakistan which are planning to develop new vaccines need to consider these variants to be treated through the new vaccine.      

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