PUBG Anthem, Asim Azhar Just Released Stunning Song To Promote The Game!

PUBG the famous mobile video game remains part of the news for one reason or the other. For some times, it has been banned by Pakistani authorities. In a recent development, singer Azim Azhar, being PUBG Pakistan ambassador seem giving the game a new rise. The singer has come up with PUBG Anthem, which is unique of its kind and perhaps the first anthem every, for a video game by a famous Pakistani singer. The anthem has a well-crafted video with Aasim Azhar himself being its part, depicting real features of the game with a display of modern weapons.

The sensational PUBG song “Khelta Ja” is mixed with modern rap style music. The song also contains echoes from real-time game’s warnings – “Enemies Ahead”. It appears that the song aimed to “kill two birds with one stone” on the one hand motivating youth for the game and on the other influencing government authorities to further avoid its banning.   

Through his official Twitter account, the singer has been sharing snippets of the video preparations. “Winner, winner, winner – chicken dinner” he shared a line from the song on Twitter. Now, on Wednesday he posted a complete video on his official Twitter account.

Asim Azhar has participated in a couple of other popular anthems. His performance in Pakistan Super League 2020 anthem and Pakistan’s defence day anthem has won the applause of the audiences. Now, being PUBG Mobile Pakistan ambassador he is promoting the game.

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) is an online multiplayer game developed by PUBG Corporation. It is based on previously created modes developed by Brandon Greene popularly known as Brandon “Player Unknown” Greene. The game concept is derived from the controversial 2000 Japnese Movie Battle Royal. The one-liner of the movie was that “for survival, one needs to kill others”.

Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan and some states of India has banned the game for some time considering its negative impact on the physical and psychological health of youth.  

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