Reports of Incompetent Government Officers to be Send on Forced Retirement Causing Unease Among Public Servants

In a bid to strengthen public sector institutions the government of Pakistan has passed law to send incompetent government officers including police officers on forced leave. In this regard, the incompetent officials are appraised to be dealt with as per the law. The rules for directory (Forced) retirement include, twice negative remarks on ACR (Annual Confidential Report) by a senior official and corrupt official over 20 years of service will be sent on forced retirement.

For Civil Servants the PTI government has announced (Directory Retirement from Service) Rules 2020 in January 2020. As per the rules, the retirement board has been enabled to retire incompetent officers who earn average Performance Evaluation Report (PERs) formerly know as APRs, or three adverse PERs remarks have been recorded by different officials. Also, if an officer is twice recommended for supersession by (CSB) Central Selection Board, (DSB) Departmental Selection Board or (DPB) Departmental Promotional Board or twice recommended not for promotion or have been entered into plea bargain with NAB or any other institution or put in category “C” by any of above-referred board under civil service promotion rules 2019.    

The implementation of the rules has sent a wave of unease among incompetent officials. With the implementation of rules, a major chunk of high-rank officials will be retired from the government service. To fill the gab young officials will be promoted and vacant slots will be filled by hiring new officers.  

The reforms are introduced to bring change in the working machinery of the government. The government officials have a mixed response over the implementation of the new rules. Some say it’s a good move that honest officers will be available for public service others say it is an attempt to expel officers disliked by the government.

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