Resolution Adopted by KP Assembly to Allow Facebook Monetization in Pakistan

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa adopted a resolution to allow the monetization of Facebook content. The resolution forwarded by Ziaullah Bangash MPA of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The resolution tasked the provincial assembly to ask the federal government to take steps for enabling monetization of the Facebook account of the users belonging to KPK. The monetization of Facebook will allow KPK youth to earn money by producing productive content on Facebook. By monetization, the users can earn money through four ways i.e. In-stream ads, Fan subscriptions, Branded content, and Subscription groups.         

Facebook has allowed monetization of content in the first quarter of the current year. Details of the monetization process, eligibility criteria, and an outline of Facebook monetization policies and procedures are available on Facebook. Facebook Creator Studio also allows checking the status of the page i.e., whether it is eligible for monetization or not.

Facebook has set certain limits i.e. number of subscribers and minimum watch time required to allow the page for monetization. Facebook not allow to promote content that promotes hate or which promote nudity or which is illegal or relates to the sale of illegal products.  

Over 50 million Pakistanis, mostly youth, regularly use Facebook. The decision of monetization will help them earn money; it would also fetch dollars for the country which will be helpfully to stabilize the economy. Blogging and YouTube monetization are other popular ways to earn money through productive content.   

Through this landmark step, the KP government is leading to take steps to fetch the facility for Facebook users belonging to the province. The passing of the resolution hints that the speaker of the KP assembly already had meetings with representatives of Facebook on the issue.

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