Journalist Shahab-ud-Din Claims to Expose Indian Funded Anchors. Is It Part of Hybrid Warfare?

Makhdoom Shahab-Ud-Din has released a video in which he provided proof that female Journalist Asma Shirazi is working on someone else's interests.

Four Positive News Related To Pakistan Snubbed By Electronic Media

1.Ehsas Program bringing positive change 2.Govt Package put economy in recovery 3.Virgin airline started flight operations 4.Pakistan challenge India for GI Tag

Twitter Users Respond To 16 Journalists Who File Petition To Win Airtime For Absconder Nawaz Sharif

16 journalists and anchorpersons filed a petition in (IHC) against PEMRA’S decision of banning Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar’s speech.

Indian Sponsored Terrorism; Media Is Indifferent to build Pakistan’s Narrative

Pakistan shared Irregutaable Proofs of Indian Involvement in terrorist activities on its soil. But, Pakistani media is indifferent to propagate this narrative.