To Regain The Lost Beauty of Lahore – PM Imran Khan Inaugurated one of 51 Miyawaki Forests Planned by PHA

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan inaugurated the Miyawaki Urban Forest in jilani Park Lahore. The Prime minister also opened the spring plantation drive of 2021 and officially started the PHA campaign for creating 51 Miyawaki urban forests in Lahore. The prime minister said on the occasion that the government is seeking to reverse the threat which is posed by neglect to the environment during the process of urbanization.  

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that growing smog in the city poses a serious threat to health, he termed smog a “silent killer”. “People ignore the existence of smog” and slowly it piles up – damage health and creates breathing diseases said the prime minister.  

The PHA (Parks and Horticulture Authority) has relocated 51 sites for plantation of Miyawaki Forests. In this way, the government is aimed to increase the level of oxygen in the city of Lahore which will lower the risk of growing health issues caused by pollution and smog.  

Lahore has been called the city of gardens however now it has been turned into the city of the concert. The Ancient gardens are abolished and roads have taken the place of trees. Unplanned urbanization and reckless industrialization have damage the ecosystem of the city.

The government appears sincere to regain the natural beauty of Lahore as climate change is a key part of the government agenda. Punjab minister of finance Hashim Jawan Bakht has also applauded the effort of PHA in this regard. He wrote on his Twitter account a few days ago that “the forests will attract birds, bees and long-lost butterflies and they will also support the Lahore’s ecosystem”

The Miyawaki forest method is introduced by veteran Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology Akira Miyawaki. Under this method dense forests are grown in shortest possible time. Dozens of native species are planted close to each other and it is ensured that plant may only receive sunlight from the top.

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