United Kingdom Parliamentarians Spoke About Indian Curbs In Kashmir – HRW Slums India Over Gross HR Violations

The United Kingdom Members of the parliament debated on Indian illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. They said that Indian forces are perpetrating gross human rights violations in Kashmir, women are harassed and raped, youngsters are tortured to death and the right of “freedom of expression” is forcefully curbed. The UK MPs demanded a team of UK High Commission in Delhi to visit Indian occupied Kashmir for assessment of the true situation. At the same time, the New York-based Human Right Watch, world report 2021 condemned Indian state-sponsored harsh and discriminatory restrictions on the people of Kashmir. The report denounced BJP govt lead violence drive against minorities and right defenders.

The British member of parliament said that “India has forcefully detained over 500,000 Kashmiris, and they are prevented even to visit hospitals”. John Spellar a member of Labor Party said that the “Kashmir Issue” is not an internal matter of India, it is occupied territory and India should be held responsible for violations in IOK.

Mr. spellar further said that by abolishing the autonomous status of Kashmir, India wants to alter the demographics of the valley, in this way India eyes to achieve desired results in case of a possible referendum. Naz Shah member of Labor Party criticized the British Government for selling arms to India, which are used by Indian forces to butcher innocent Kashmiris. She further argued that “the international community should act to stop killing of Kashmiris” and “if we do nothing, history will not forgive us”

In the meanwhile, the Human Rights Watch “world report 2021” outlined Indian activities of victimizing minorities especially Muslims under government supervision. The report said BJP members remained directly involved in communal violence. The innocent people are detained under the draconian public safety act in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK). According to the report, in June a new media policy announced to curb the right of freedom of speech, the policy empowered authorities to decide what is fake news, plagiarism and unethical or anti-national activities”

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