Four Happy Hormones and Natural Ways to Boost Them for Happy Life

Hormones regulate our physical and emotional functions. Happy hormones regulate our mood-natural ways to trigger these hormones are exercise, socialization and healthy diet.

Pain Relief For Your Sciatica

We’ve all heard the term “sciatica.” Anyone who’s had it knows it is one of the most painful conditions that can be experienced. This article will describe sciatica, its cause,…

4 Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

First of all, let us try to define what a Virtual Assistant is. For me, the simplest definition of a Virtual assistant is someone who delivers administrative support to a…

How To Create an Online Dating Profile

If You Are Single If you’re single, remember that online dating is just one of the options you can take if you hope to meet someone with marriage potential. Create…

7 Ways to Keep Your Children Away From Mobile Phones

The problem of kids’ screen addiction stems from elders’ excessive use of mobile phones and not engaging kids in other fruitful activities.

Manage These Five Things to Avoid the Depression Build-Up.

Depression is a growing disease that inflicts the lives of millions. In our routine life, small events pile up and ultimately manifest in the form of depression

7 Small Habits That Tell a Lot About Your Personality

One’s way of walking and talking, body posture and fashion reveal his personality. Following are some small habits that give clues about our personality.

Caution! Excessive Use of Social Media Can Be Harmful – Here are Some Side Effects

Overuse of social media can cause some serious issues. It keeps us connected to people who are miles away yet socially distance ourselves from near ones.

Five Manners Parents Should Teach Their Children

The responsibility of parents is to teach kids manners so they can act ethically. Teaching manners is part of raising kids – so they are to instil consciously

5 Conflict Resolution Strategies

The is no set rule to handle the conflict. Using techniques of adopting, accommodating, forcing, collaboration and compromising conflicts are managed positively.

Amazing Facts About The Human Body

In the book “The Body – A Guide for Occupants” Bill Bryson tells that “the brain is the most extraordinary thing”. Also, he reveals the wonders of the body.

5 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea helps burn fat and reduce weight, it soothes muscles and improves brain functions. It also acts as herbal medicine and helps fight multiple diseases.