About Us

The continuously changing and challenging global environment has necessitated remaining informed about evolving events of life. In an environment where social media and blogging have facilitated the bombardment of information, remaining focused is the key. The wisdom time blog is meant to serve the purpose.

The wisdom time is a socio-political, technology and sports news blog that also shares motivational stories and aims to educate youth on corporate and career affairs, it also helps to understand, how to improve your lifestyles?

Through well-researched articles we strive to help people, forming opinion on events related to Pakistan and international politics. Sharing of posts related to entertainment, celebrities, health and wellbeing means creating awareness and it is also a source of leisure.

Visual content (videos & images) explains things in a lucid way, videos are also a source of entertainment and learning. For exciting videos and visuals, the wisdom time is pleased to have the service of Mr. Muzaffar Ali.  

The purity of thought, sense of accountability, responsibility to deliver facts, respect for others opinion, truth, aversion to fake news are core values of the wisdom time. At the same time, defending the religious, cultural, social, national and ethical values of Pakistan is part of the responsibility.    

Producing well-researched and fact-based content is a painstaking process. As Ernest Hemingway (American Writer) said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed” so we take pains to pen down exciting content.

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