Shoaib Akthar Angry on PSL 2021 Anthem! Cricket Fans Supported and Enjoyed his Criticism

The former Pakistani pacer and the fastest bowler in cricket history came hard on PCB for making an awful PSL 2021 anthem. The former pacer said that the team behind composition of Pakistan Super League title song must feel “shame” for such an obnoxious composition. He further said that “the song has scared my children” and they are not talking to me since they have listened to it. The cricket fans are also disappointed over the new anthem of the Pakistan Super League sixth edition.     

Shoaib Akhter is active on the social media platform. He keeps sharing his opinion on Twitter and Facebook, he is also handling a YouTube channel. His recent comments and criticism on PSL Anthem 2021 are enjoyed and liked by most of the social media users because the song is detested by many. Pakistani social media users say the most part of the song is pure “Punjabi” and it does not reflect people belonging to other parts of the country.

One Twitter user said about the anthem that it was a “terrifying effort – poorly sung and depressive music”. Other social media users commented that the PCB might have a shortage of budget so such an awful item is composed.

The cricket lovers who were excited for Pakistan Super League 2021 are really disappointed by the song. However, they really enjoyed the scathing criticism of Shoaib Akhtar on the song. Apart from his video on the Twitter account, the former pacer criticized PCB for such worst composition in a cricket show telecasted on PTV Sports. He said it is indeed “worst possible PSL song ever”.

The song titled “Groove Mera” is really awful and mocked on different social media platforms. It seems nobody even knows the meaning of groove as most social media users shared a screenshot of searching “groove” on google.   

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