Pakistan has 165 Nuclear Warheads India 156 – Global Nuclear Arsenals are Growing Says SIPRI Report

SIPRI yearbook 2021 says that a total of 9 nuclear-armed states possess 13,080 nuclear weapons - India, China and Pakistan are increasing their stock of nukes

Journalist Shahab-ud-Din Claims to Expose Indian Funded Anchors. Is It Part of Hybrid Warfare?

Makhdoom Shahab-Ud-Din has released a video in which he provided proof that female Journalist Asma Shirazi is working on someone else's interests.

7 Small Habits That Tell a Lot About Your Personality

One’s way of walking and talking, body posture and fashion reveal his personality. Following are some small habits that give clues about our personality.

Palestine: Israeli Strikes are Violation of International Norms and Preferred Moral Standards

Innocent Palestinians including kids feel victims of the brazen Israeli attacks. World powers are silent over the break of their own norm of decency.

Five Manners Parents Should Teach Their Children

The responsibility of parents is to teach kids manners so they can act ethically. Teaching manners is part of raising kids - so they are to instil consciously

Amazing Facts About The Human Body

In the book “The Body – A Guide for Occupants” Bill Bryson tells that “the brain is the most extraordinary thing”. Also, he reveals the wonders of the body.

Here Are Four Reasons For Pakistan Cricket’s Recurring Performance Collapse in Test Cricket

After Every Defeat Coaching Staff Is Changed And Resumed The Previous Ones Who Were Removed For The Earlier Defeat. It Is Difficult That Such Changes May Work.

The COVID-19 Lockdown Caused Surge In Divorce And Breakups! Europe Is The Worst Hit

During COVID-19 lockdown the hidden chinks in the couples' personalities became prominent. As result, divorces increased around the world, especially in Europe.

India Cannot Win War Against Pakistan Argues Former High-Rank Indian Police Officer In His Book

Siddharth Varadarajan opine in the review “India has no clarity about its military and strategic objectives vis-à-vis its stated adversaries, Pakistan and China

Why Muhammad Amir Quit International Cricket? Disappointment or Intention To Amass Money By Playing Leagues! Here Are Four Possible Scenarios.

Muhammad Amir has PCB management for “torturing him mentally”. Sometimes bowling coach says “Amir has ditched us” they also say "PCB has invested in Amir"

Jaffna Stallions Beat Gall Gladiators In LPL 2020 Finale – It’s Interesting! Despite Overseas Players, LPL Has Foreign Franchise Owners

The owners of the LPL franchises are overseas. Three of five franchises are owned by Pakistani, Indian and Canadian businessman and two by Bollywood actors.

Four Positive News Related To Pakistan Snubbed By Electronic Media

1.Ehsas Program bringing positive change 2.Govt Package put economy in recovery 3.Virgin airline started flight operations 4.Pakistan challenge India for GI Tag