Dr. Faheem Younas, Pakistani American Doctor Tweets Coronavirus Tips and Responds Your Queries

Dr. Faheem Younas is chief of infectious diseases at the University of Maryland, USA. He Tweets pandemic tips, answer queries, to ease human suffering.

Pakistan All Set to Make Its Own Single Dose COVID-19 Vaccine

Pakistan is all set to develop its own COVID Vaccine. Executive Director NIH has said that the work for the development of vaccine will be started this month

Pakistani Lab is All Set to Become First in The World For Commercially Selling COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Umar Chughtai of Chughtai Lab updated on his official Twitter account that Chughtai Lab is expecting 1st shipment of Sputnik V vaccine within 1-2 week.

Pakistan Secure 17 M Doses of UK Vaccine, China Donated 0.5 M Doses, Russian Sputnik-V will be Available Soon

Covax Pharma has assured to provide 17 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine by first half of 2021. 500,000 doses gifted by China will reach on 31st January 2021

The COVID-19 Lockdown Caused Surge In Divorce And Breakups! Europe Is The Worst Hit

During COVID-19 lockdown the hidden chinks in the couples' personalities became prominent. As result, divorces increased around the world, especially in Europe.

There Has Been Robbery Of General Public Noam Chomsky Believes! He Also Warns About Four Terminal Threats To Humanity

Noam Chomsky believes that public money is stolen. He outlines the terminal threat to humanity and highlighted the intensity of these threats for South Asia.

Pakistan Is Expected To Procure COVID Vaccine By First Quarter Of 2021, Govt Set Criteria And Approved $150 Million Grant

The government has decided to approach both western and Chinese manufacturers. The shelf price of the Pfizer vaccine is $ 20 each and AstraZeneca costs $ 8.

COVID Second Wave: Faisal Qureshi Hilarious Short Video With Mahwish Hayyat, Wasim Akram And Shahzad Roy

The need for awareness, to follow COVID 19 SOPs is being felt more in the time of COVID second wave because the reduction in the intensity of disease after first…

COVID 19 Second Wave: NCOC Recommends Punishments For SOPs Violations

NCOC has suggested punishments for those who do not follow COVID SOPs. If COVID spreads from gathering, criminal cases can be registered against organizers.

How To Reduce Mental Stress

Reducing stress requires having a mindset which builds by adopting a conscious thought pattern. A combination of physical and mental training can reduce stress.

“Drive-In Wedding” Couple Introduced A Unique Wedding Trend Amid COVID-19 Restrictions In The UK

A couple in Essex county of United Kingdom celebrated their marriage in a unique “drive-in wedding” ceremony, guests watched the event on a big screen.

Reopening of Educational Institutes on September 15th, Government devised SOPs Should be Followed!

Step by step reopening of educational institutes will start on September 15th, initially universities, collage and matriculation level schools will be opened.