How to get traffic on your blog

How to get traffic on your blog

You are running an e-commerce store or writing an informative blog in either case you need to attract visitors to your blog. Apart from monetary benefits, it will develop your authority that people want to know what you are saying. To get traffic on your blog SEO is the first thing that comes in mind. Indeed, SEO is important but there are other ways that you need to employ to have a good blog Ranking.

1. Website structure and hosting

Your website structure is crucial. Structure means how it is easy for visitors to navigate and get the required information. It is also important that the blog has adequate speed and properly arranged information. Choose a simple theme and buy a quality hosting service.

2. Solve the problem

A blog or website that provides the solution to problems has a chance of getting more traffic. Especially when you are managing an informative blog. Hence, blogs having keywords or titles of “how to” “what is” etc get more traffic.

3. Write compelling headings and create awesome visuals

Including headings and subheadings help visitors to skim information easily which saves time. Writing an outline of a blog article is another way to increase traffic on the blog. Mastering the art of writing compelling headings also helps to get more traffic on the blog. In addition, creating explanatory images help boost traffic.

4. Keyword analysis

Doing keyword analysis is a must-use technique to increase traffic on the google search engine. Many free and paid tools are available online for keyword analysis. The use of tools helps you identify the topic of writing. Briefly speaking when you put a topic of your interest on such tools they will talk about the search volume, search difficulty and related keywords etc. You should pick the topic or keyword that has high search volume and low search difficulty.

5. Guest Posting

Writing for other authentic sources related to your niche can pay off in the form of organic traffic. When you write for other blogs you can get You can search websites related to your niche that have “write for us” posted on their site. Guest posting helps to promote writing skills, also you can backlinks to your blog from other reputable sites.

6. Engaging content

Writing engaging and frequent content can also build the authority of your blog. When you manage to produce informative and helping content visitors develop engagement with your blog. Also, new writers read your articles, get inspiration and learn from your writing style.

7. Increase your social media presence

Your social media presence and interaction with the audience through other forums build your credibility as a content creator. You can also add social media buttons to your posts creating ease for visitors to share on social media.

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