Karachi Board Guess Papers class 9 and 10

If you have not prepared for annual examination of Karachi board 2022 then do not worry if have brought the best guess papers for exams.

BSEK Guess papers

BSEK class 9 and 10 most important target papers. Students of Karachi board if you want to get good marks in board exams in this short period of time then you should practice the guess papers which we are providing you in the PDF form.

Class 9 Target papers

Students of class 9 science group are requested kindly practice all the questions given in guess papers if you want to achieve flying marks in board exams


Class 10 Target papers

Student of class 10 science group are requested to download the PDF from the link and must practice all the questions given in guess papers do not skip any question.


Model Paper class 9 and 10 science group

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