Top Ten Skills of The Future

Top Ten Skills of The Future

The technology revolution and drastic socio-economic transformations necessitated professionals to equip themselves with new skills. According to the third world economic forum’s (WEF) future of job report, 50% of all employees need to reskill themselves by 2025. In the next five years, according to top ten skills of the future, most essential skills will be “critical thinking” and “problem solving”. These skills are consistent since the first report of 2016.

The report says that it is mandatory to learn new skills due to the economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic and increased automation of business processes. The world economic forum’s “future of job report” outlines the following “top ten skills of the future” that are indispensable to be acquired by 2025:

1. Analytical Thinking and innovation

Analytical thinking is problem-solving and decision-making techniques of using logical reasoning by observing, brainstorming, unfolding patterns and drawing links between events. Analytical reasoning can be polished by observations, interpretations of events, book reading, playing brain games and analyzing decisions. Innovation on the other hand is a way of problem-solving in a unique way.         

2. Active learning and learning strategies

Active learning is the ability to learn from hands-on activities, information gathering & synthesis and critical thinking. Active learning is usually enhanced by reciprocal questions, team activities and group thinking. Often, it developed under the guidance of a moderator.

3. Complex problem solving

Complex problem solving is the logical way of informed decision-making. In this method of problem-solving possible implications of solutions in the surrounding environment are considered. Considering the scope of the problem multiple solutions are outlined and one solution is reached out after due diligence.

4. Critical thinking and analysis

Critical thinking is problem-solving and decision-making tool, it is part of analytical thinking. It is the way of analyzing information objectively and making a reasoned judgment. For instance, a manager may use customer complaints and feedback data to establish indicators for customer service improvement. Among all other Top Ten Skills of The Future this skill is consistent since the year 2016.

5. Creativity, originality and initiative

Creativity and originality come in practice when an unforeseen issue appears. A number of unknown issues are to be faced by employers in a changing business setup. From economic crises to pandemics anything can cast shadows on enterprises. Unexpected situations may not have a set example to cope with the situation for which initiative and creativity is required.

6. Leadership and social influence

This includes leadership influence and the capacity to motivate employees to struggle for a set vision. It is the capacity of the leader to be trusted and reliable. Leadership skills for business professionals are indispensable for winning loyal and talented employees.

7. Technology use, monitoring and control

Business professionals need to have multifarious knowledge of which the knowledge of technology is mandatory. Managers of any field i.e. business promotion, financing and Human resource needs to learn the use of technology and use data for effective decision making. Knowledge of business applications, website development and use of the business portal in necessary.  

8. Technology design and programming

As technology is indispensable, to make it useful for effective business operations, the manager needs to use technology for the benefit of the enterprise. Technology design and programming include the study, development and implementation of programs.  

9. Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility

Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and come out strong against harsh circumstances. Stress tolerance is the capacity to patiently handle stressful situations. These soft skills have become indispensable in the wake of COVID pandemic and followed by the economic recession.     

10. Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

Reasoning and problem solving have always been sought out faculties for employers. This is one skill among the WEF’s Top Ten Skills of The Future Planning new business endeavors with logical reasoning and problem-solving with innovative ideas holds the key of best performance in business setups.

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