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Habits of Emotionally Weak People

To understand the habits of emotionally weak people it is desirable to first understand the psychology of emotions. Psychologically we react to a situation either out of logic or out of emotion. Logic relates to mental and cognitive faculty however emotions are deep-rooted in one’s heart and mind. According to some psychologists, emotions are the result of our physiological arousal to a certain situation while others say it is physical arousal plus our perception of that arousal that makes us emotional.

Emotional stability is an important aspect of one’s character it defines our personality and sets our maturity standards. Emotional stability is the emotional strength that makes us cable to handle our emotions at the onset of some situation. In professional and routine life we need to understand people’s emotions. Also understanding our emotional strength helps us to manage our psychological wellbeing. The seven hobbits of emotionally weak people are outlined here: –

1. Don’t believe in oneself

Emotionally weak people lack self-belief. Hence this lack of self-confidence can lead them to despondency, disturbed social life and stops them from struggling even for routine tasks. However, a high level of self-belief means you are emotionally strong.     

2. Don’t have self-love and self-care

When we do not respect ourselves, others stop respecting us. Similarly, If we stop loving ourselves others will not love us and if we stop self care we will possibly be ruined. Emotionally weak people when start negating their selves, they develop the feeling that everybody is against them. As result, they may also develop social isolation against their self-proclaimed habit of public persecution.

3. Finding the reason behind everything

When disturbed psychologically and mentally, emotionally disturbed people start thinking that someone is manipulating every event of their life. When our mind starts finding reason behind everything, it fell in negative and whimsical thoughts.     

4. Trying to control and plan everything

Emotionally weak people sometimes become overactive so they try to control everything, even the things that are out of their control. Under the rage of their emotions, such people start building caste in the air. For better parenting building emotional stability for kids is indispensable.      

5. Allow others to control their lives

Emotionally and mentally weak people fail to control emotions. People use emotions to sway or convince others. Emotionally weak people can not manage emotions, they express emotions and are easily convinced by others. Hence, in most cases, others start controlling their lives.

By Rohail Ahmed

Rohail Ahmed Is an MBA Graduate with an interest in writing on socio-political affairs. He believes that through blog writing youth can be educated on issues of continuously changing world.

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