Five Ways To Be a Better Parent

Five Ways To Be a Better Parent

In the modern competitive age, parenting and rearing kids have become a difficult task. Most parents do not give any special treatment to kids in terms of their personality development. Kids are brought up in an idiomatic “run of the mill’ fashion, they grow up learning from their surroundings. Parents’ behavior which is consciously framed keeping in mind aspects of a child learning go a long way in terms of his personality and character development.

Parents’ tone of voice, body language, habits and expressions are keenly noticed and absorbed by kids. For instance, when your kid interacts with you and you being busy with your mobile phone give him less attention it severely affects his self-esteem. This impression of being ignored leaves a negative impact on his personality. Following are five ways to be a better parents.

1. Giver your kid time and attention

Given money can be lost but quality time and attention given to kids during growing age cannot be lost. Dedicate daily time for your children and play games, go out for a walk, read book or watch TV During this time. Giving daily time purely to kids will help boost their inner self. Similarly, kids deserve parents’ attention. Children at growing age have a habit of asking questions – whenever they ask questions don’t ignore them but respond with proper attention.

2. Boost your child’s self-esteem

Parents’ words and actions affect a child’s development of self-esteem more than anything else. Praising and encouraging even over small acts raise his self-confidence. However, negative comments like “what a stupid thing to do” saying “you are mindless” ruin his confidence and make him feel worthless. Also, letting kids do things independently makes them feel capable and develops in their faculty to take initiative.  

3. Maintain a positive attitude towards kids

If a kid does something wrong, he is scolded many times however he is rarely complimented for his positive behavior. If he does something bad, he is rebuked twice but not acclaimed a single time for a good act. Such attitude invited resentment and aggression from children. Make your intention to find something good in your child on daily basis and praise him with love and hugs this gesture will work wonders in terms of developing the child’s personality. 

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4. Be a good role model

Kids constantly kept observing parents and learn mostly through perception. Hence it is mandatory for parents to exhibit positive behavior. Act as if you want your kids to be. Practice compassion, tolerance and honesty in front of your kids. Express giving compliments and thanks to others.

5. Set limits and be consistent with discipline

Discipline is way to be a better parent and it is mandatory for every household. For kids, it absolutely necessary to follow discipline and household rules for it will engineer their behavior for future life. Developing rules for household make kids understand the parent’s expectations from them. It helps in developing self-control and helping children grow as responsible adult.

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