How Thoughts Determine Our Success

How Thoughts Determine Our Success

“Whatever you think you become,” this quote from Mahatma Buddha elaborates that our thoughts can make a great difference in our life success. Ideas, faith and goals are crucial for success, and the roots of all these success ingredients are in our thoughts.

It is said that ideas rule the world and there are our thoughts that breed powerful ideas. What is an idea? an idea is a picture in mind, it is our visualization, if it is backed by faith, it becomes reality.  The great inventions that have changed the world are the result of ideas which are based on thought.

“ideas rule the world and our thoughts breed powerful ideas”

There is a common belief that faith does miracles so the key to miracles is our thoughts because our thoughts make our faith.

How Our Thoughts Become Reality

“Whatever you feel you attract,” says Mahatma Buddha, in other words, we can say that we get whatever we focus on. Hence, when we think good, good follow and vice versa. Our thoughts are data or instructions that are recorded in our brain and our brain produces actions on the basis of recorded data. These actions manifest in our lives through success or failure, wealth or poverty and health or malady. Similar facts have been explained by Joseph Murphey in his book “the power of the subconscious mind”. He says whatever you impress on your subconscious mind will come back in the form of conditions, experiences and events.     

Our thoughts are instructions which leave patterns and tracks in our minds. We act according to these patterns and these are our experiences.

How to Change Our Thinking

Changing the way we habitually think is the only way out that can transform our miseries into fortunes and converts our setback into opportunities. We can achieve success in our endeavours once we set our thinking on positive track, this can only be done by giving continuous instructions to our mind. For instance, if you are travelling via taxi and giving instructions to the driver, you can reach your destination only when you give the right instructions.

However, there are following ways to mould our thinking.

Point out negative and harmful thoughts and replace each with healthy ones.

Give persistent positive instruction to your mind.

Change the way you habitually give your thought to different issues.

A sleepy and drowsy state of mind is a condition when our mind is most receptive to instruction. So before sleeping give positive instructions to mind.

Learning something new requires conscious efforts, by repetition it becomes natural.

How to Secure Milestone of Success by Positive Thinking 

To achieve success some small milestones are to be achieved which pave the way to reach our destination. Thoughts impact the milestone of success in the following way.     

Belief: To succeed one must have a solid belief in his cause. Success comes with belief and what is belief? it is thought in mind. Beliefs are formed by positive thoughts. If belief is formed by positive thoughts, then one milestone of success is achieved.  

Goals: If you set goals with a strong belief to achieve, it means half of the task is done. Whatever goal you set it must be realistic and achievable. By continuous and evolving thoughts, you set realistic goals.

Persistence: Everything will be lost if you are not persistent on your journey. Persistence is the key and positive thoughts give you the motivation to remain steady on your track.

Resilience: If you suffer a setback on the way, you might disappoint and disappointment is a sin, it’s like scuttling one’s own efforts. The quality of our thoughts helps us maintain resilience which is a big weapon to achieve success.  

Motivation: Whatever one wants to achieve it all depends on our motivation. One sets goals and bears pains to get what he wants due to motivation. Our thoughts keep our motivation alive.  


Our thoughts help us set goals and give us the passion and energy to achieve those goals. With the power of our thoughts, we can interrupt the functioning and motivate our bodies. Hence, having positive and constructive thoughts we can achieve good health, wealth and any milestone we want to achieve in our life.   

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