How to Work Hard For Successful Life

How to Work Hard For Successful Life

Whenever you fail you might have heard from someone saying that you should work hard. Being young, you would also be instructed by your elders that you should work hard to succeed. Similarly, mentors, trainers and motivational speakers do not tire of suggesting to their followers that hardworking is the key to success. But have you ever tried to understand what hard work is and how can we labour hard for a successful life? If we have to learn, have we learned the way of learning? For instance, a labourer works hard to construct the building, so should a student diligently like a labourer or there is some other method for him to do strenuous work. What a youngster should believe to work hard.

Hardworking is when we put “too much effort and endurance” to accomplish our tasks. Its dynamics might change in different areas. However, there are general components which are necessary to put your efforts on the right track.

What is hardworking?

Hardworking is focusing energies and efforts to achieve set objectives with perseverance, endurance, sacrificing and showing great resilience. However, required efforts, skills and mind techniques may vary according to the nature of goals set by an individual. For example, a student working on improving knowledge, presentation skills and writing practice would be considered hardworking. For a sportsman on the other hand building stamina, having good technique and developing strong muscles would be an act of hardworking.

What are the attributes of hardworking?

There is a saying that “no pain no gain” so hardworking is the process of taking pains. It requires swimming against the tide. It is doing things in detail. It is done slowly and painstakingly but remember the quote that “slowly is the fastest way of doing things”. An archer for instance, over time learns to hit the bull’s eye. What effort has he learned in doing so? He has learned to stand straight and still; he has learned to holding breath and taming nerves while aiming. He might have spent years practising these techniques. This practice is part of hardworking.

What are the components of hardworking?

Generally, in the philosophy of hardworking, there are some common components which are outlined below: –


The objectives you set before you develop your focus. The efforts you put in to avoid distractions determine the level of your labour. Distractions are alluring they force you to build castle in the air. Distractions are pleasing and suggest the way of smooth sailing. If you are struggling to be a heavyweight champion you might be distracted to be a soccer player as it is providing more fame and wealth. If you are struggling to keep up your focus you are working hard.


Struggling for your goals despite tough circumstances and hardships is called perseverance. All your efforts, however small they are, accumulated over time and in the end crown you with success. In the midst of your struggle if you lose heart or shift your focus to something else you might fail in getting your desired outcome. Hence perseverance and persistence must be part of your struggle.     


Many setbacks will come when you aim for something in life. Sometimes life itself poses severe challenges before us to overcome. In testing times resilience is the key. The capacity to get back from temporary losses is one of the great qualities that an individual has. How you face challenges becomes part of your struggle in life.


No one in any field of life can achieve anything without sacrifice. Even, if you aim for happy and successful life you have to make sacrifices in life. You might have to sacrifice your comfort and you have to come out of your routine. The routines usually put a person in comfort zone. When you handle new challenges in a unique way you have to toil a lot. This strategy put your struggle in a different stage.   

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