What are Happy Hormones and How to Boost Them Naturally?

What are Happy Hormones and How to Boost Them Naturally

Hormones regulate our physical functions and emotional wellbeing. The hormones and neurotransmitters which enhance our mode and feelings are known as happy hormones. There are plenty of natural ways to trigger these hormones and neurotransmitters i.e., exercise, helping others and appreciation. When we manage to boost these hormones our physical and mental health boosts automatically. Taking healthy food also boosts happy hormones naturally. Certain foods that are considered good for health actually produce happy or feel-good hormones that boost our fitness level.

There are certain ways we send signals to our brain that produces neurotransmitters or help to secret hormones called happy hormones. The four major happy hormones and natural ways to increase their secretion in our bloodstream are summarized below: –

Endorphins – Natural Pain Reliever

Endorphins are happy hormones also known as the body’s “natural pain reliever”. When endorphins are released in our body they increase our feeling of pleasure, boost our mood and reduce pain or discomfort. They also help us cope with stressful situations, reduce anxiety and improve our immune response.

Low level of endorphins increases depression, causes mood swings, and body aches, it also disturbs sleep. Endorphins level in body can be increased naturally by exercising, spending happy time with friends, playing outside games and by creative work or fulfilling hobbies.

Dopamine – Feel Good Hormone

Dopamine is an important hormone in our body, it regulates functions of memory, planning, attention, motivation and reward. Dopamine is known as the happy hormone as it channels our bodies to feel pleasure.  

When we listen our appreciation dopamine level increases in our body. Hence, increased level of dopamine creates feeling of pleasure and reward which motivates us to repeat specific behavior.

Dopamine is produced in our bodies when we feel elevated and motivated. Its level can also be increased naturally by taking more proteins, exercising regularly, taking proper sleep and exposing ourselves to sunlight. Low dopamine can cause serious diseases like Parkinson’s disease, obesity, schizophrenia and attention deficit.   

Serotonin – The Multifunctional Hormone

Serotonin is a happy hormone and primary “mood stabilizer” it also helps in digestion and regulates our eating and sleeping habits. An increased level of serotonin can cause excessive nerve activity however a decreased level can result in depression and mood disorder. Serotonin also maintains bowel movement and an increased level of serotonin stimulates brain function to help control nausea. It also helps in blood clotting for wound healing and useful for boon health. Also, increased serotonin results in decreased libido and vice versa.

Good food, sound sleep, regular exercise and engagement in creative and learning activities are natural ways to maintain balance of serotonin in body. Helping and doing good for others also increase serotonin in body.

Oxytocin – The Love Hormone

The fourth key happy hormone is oxytocin also known as the “love hormone”. Oxytocin relates to empathy, trust and relationship building. It is produced during intimate relations and influences our emotions and social behavior. The role of oxytocin is crucial during gynecological reasons and childbirth. It helps reduce depression and benefits patients with irritable bowel syndrome.  

Telling stories, exercising, spending time with friends, sharing positive emotions with others and hugging are natural ways to increase the level of oxytocin in the body.   

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