How Health Screening Helpful in Detecting Chronic Diseases Early

How health screening helpful in detecting chronic diseases early

You might spend some sleepless nights when you hear that your near or dear one has been diagnosed with end-stage chronic disease. Indeed, this is alarming that in the modern age of medical sciences how a healthy individual could reach the brink of death due to chronic disease while having no early symptoms. The other question that baffles one is how having multiple facilities fails to diagnose ailments in the human body that cause life-threatening diseases.  

Sure, there are ways of detecting such underlying health issues, one way is doing regular health screening.

What is Health Screening?

Medical health screening is a procedure or test performed to early detect the sign of any chronic disease that might be in the early phase. Some serious medical conditions are asymptomatic at an early stage that may develop into chronic diseases later. Such asymptomatic disorders can only be detected through regular medical checks. Regular Health check is a way to ensure health and fitness and without health and fitness, any success in personal or professional life is of no use.

Health screening can be helpful in following ways to detect life-threatening diseases.

Health Screening for Chronic Diseases

Regular medical testing plays an important role in detecting life-threatening health issues like Cancers, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Hepatitis, Strokes and Diabetes. Your physician may suggest a number of blood tests that can provide signs if your body is developing any chronic disease. Blood testing has proved beneficial in preventing the spread of any disease. Different studies in have suggested decreased death rate due to cancer because of early detection.  

Health Screening for Mental Health

Mental health is a major issue of the modern age but is paid less attention to; patients seldom visit doctors for screening of mental issues. In developing countries, there is a stigma attached to mental health issues. Mental health issues can be lethal and may prove a breeding ground for chronic diseases.

Persistent low mood, thoughts of self-harm or harming others, feelings that everybody is conspiring, low appetite, irregular heartbeat, and sleep disturbances are signs of mental health issues that need immediate mental checks.     

Health Screening for Eyesight

Experts suggest that you need to have eye health screening at least once a year. There is a dire need for eye health testing due to the increased usage of mobiles and laptops. Excessive use of screen decreases blinking rate which weakens eye muscles that may lead to eyesight weakness. Glaucoma is another eye defect which may be developed over time. All such eye health issues can be detected timely to maintain eyes in good health.

Health Screening for Physical Fitness

Some routine tests do not require visiting physicians or conducting expensive investigations. A routine check of weight and blood pressure is useful to ascertain the level of physical fitness. For instance, sudden weight loss can indicate underlying health conditions like blood leakage which can be linked with other issues.

Limitations of Health Screening

Though, medical tests that are not usually recommended have some limitations but its benefits overweight the limitations. Among its limitation is that you might get false results which can result in unnecessary treatment and mental agony. However, regular medical checks can improve life expectancy by helping individuals with early detection and fighting diseases.   

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