President Arif Alvi’s Recommended Top Ten Must Read Books

President Arif Alvi’s Recommended Top Ten Must Read Books

The President of Pakistan Arif Alvi suggested youngster the top ten must read books. In a video shared on his official YouTube channel, the President of Pakistan stressed the importance of reading. “I’ve read a lot of them, but I will let you know the ten books you should read this year.” Said Dr. Alvi. He shared his reading schedule and highlighted his reading habits. He introduced many good books from his reading list and suggested the top ten must read books which are summarized here.

1. Revelations by Meraj Mohiuddin: The book titled “revelations” was the first book shared by the president, the book is about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

2. Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty: The second book was “Capital and Ideology” which according to Dr. Arif Alvi showcase the growing rich-poor gaps and class differences.  

3. Anarchy by William Dalrymple: Dr. Alvi also introduced the book “Anarchy” which is the story of British rule in united India.

4. Jared Diamond’s Upheaval: The book “Upheaval” tells the ways nations change themselves to achieve glory.

5. Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson: The famous book highlights the causes of nations downfall and explains how the exploitative class is overturned by revolutions. The book is also recommended by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

6. The Metric Society by Steffen Mau: President Arif Alvi explained that the book tells how to handle social issues in a calculated way.

7. The Big Picture by Sean M Carroll: The book is written to unfold the mysteries of life and universe. The book tells that the universe can be interpreted by science and it further clarifies the image of God in the human mind.  

8. Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark: is a book on Artificial Intelligence, it tells that in coming times human life will be changed completely by computers.

9. Super intelligent by Nick Bostrom: the book tells how to handle the increasing influence of computers on human life.

10. The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli: It is an account of biases in normal human being. The book suggests who one can avoid these prejudices.    

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