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habits that reveal you personality

Every act of yours and every move of your body tells something about your personality. So, there are habits that reveal your personality and give other clues about you, whom we might call nature, body language or style. In this article, we will try to explore how can we understand others by observing their habits and how can we manage things to shape our personality positively.   

What is Habit?

Habits shape our personality so it is imperative to understand what is habit. habit is what we regularly do, it is a practice that is hard to give up. Habit is a behavior or act which we unconsciously repeat and any break or disruption in it cause stress. The quality of our habits designs our personalities.     

What is Personality?

Personality is a distinctive pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving. Personality comprises of our behavioural, emotional and cognitive settings, when all these traits come together, they form our habits. How we define other people’s traits and habits is called personality.   

Habits That Reveal Your Personality

Body Language

Whenever you meet someone or someone else meets you the first thing that both observe, consciously or unconsciously, is body language. Our body language is our first introduction, even before we start the conversation. It leaves a lasting impact on others as they observer us with the core of their mind and maintains our first impression. How we move our shoulders and hands and how we respond to our emotions define our body language.

The Choice of Your Shoes

People unconsciously observe your footwear hence wearing nice shoes is important. The type of your shoes can help reveal your age, level of income and other behavioural and social traits. For instance, wearing comfortable shoes means that you might be an agreeable and reliable person while wearing hard and uncomfortable shoes means you are an aggressive person.  

Tone of Voice

For instance, one manager is addressing his subordinates in a polite and balanced tone of voice. While the other did the same in an aggressive tone of voice. He might be engaged in routine conversation but appears that he is indulging in a fight. The first person might be termed as gentle and the other may be labelled aggressive. This is how the rhythm and frequency of our voice reveal our true personality.  

The Way You Walk

The way we walk tells us how we see ourselves, Our thoughts about personality manifest mostly in our bodies. The individuals are judged by whether they are achievers, aggressive, confident or defensive by the way they walk. For instance when one walks fast with shoulders leaning forward means he is self-motivated, proactive and logical.

The Way You Write

Since ancient times graphology has been a major test for analyzing one’s personality. Your handwriting or the style of signatures can give clues about your nature. The people who write large words tend to be attention seekers and people-oriented. However, people who write with small words are introverted and have high concentration. In the modern world, email etiquette and the way you text have also been used to test one’s personality.   

You’re Eating Habits

How you eat and what you eat is a major factor that tells a lot about your personality. The slow eater for example are people who tend to have more self-control. However, fast eaters are ambitious and impatient. Organized people don’t like that other people touch their food; they are extremely conscious. Further, orderly people eat things according to the rule book and do not try something new.

Your Spending Habits

Spending a lot of money on luxurious and fashionable items means you like to live in the moment and you want to have a good image in others’ minds. The impulsive spenders are open-minded and tend to enjoy life. The people who spend on luxurious items treat themselves well and those who spend on needs are more responsible.

By Rohail Ahmed

Rohail Ahmed Is an MBA Graduate with an interest in writing on socio-political affairs. He believes that through blog writing youth can be educated on issues of continuously changing world.

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