There Has Been Robbery Of General Public Noam Chomsky Believes! He Also Warns About Four Terminal Threats To Humanity

Noam Chomsky believes that public money is stolen. He outlines the terminal threat to humanity and highlighted the intensity of these threats for South Asia.

Twitter Users Respond To 16 Journalists Who File Petition To Win Airtime For Absconder Nawaz Sharif

16 journalists and anchorpersons filed a petition in (IHC) against PEMRA’S decision of banning Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar’s speech.

Indian Sponsored Terrorism; Media Is Indifferent to build Pakistan’s Narrative

Pakistan shared Irregutaable Proofs of Indian Involvement in terrorist activities on its soil. But, Pakistani media is indifferent to propagate this narrative.

How To Protect From Air Pollution? Need To Prioritize A Road Map

If the purpose of development is to create an environment for people to enjoy health and creative life – can we say we are really developed today? there is need of the hour to protect from air pollution.

Lucifer of Paris – Emmanuel Macron Labelled By Iranian Media, Muslim Leaders are Infuriated Over Abuse of Freedom of Speech

Iranian foreign minister called Emmanuel Macron's comments "abuse of freedom of speech" media called him lucifer of Paris Erdogan said he needs a mental check

“Pakistan is Subjected to24/7 Hybrid Warfare,” Says COAS, Let’s See What is Hybrid War? And How Pakistan Engaged In It?

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed has said that “Pakistan is Subjected to 24/7 Hybrid Warfare” see how Pakistan is engaged in this unconventional war.

Five Revelations From Two Books Spoiling Trump’s Public Image Before US Elections.

Trump's views disclosed in two books “Rage” and “Disloyal” are looming over his election campaign. He downplayed world leader, US army and had racist comments.

What Ails Pakistan Cricket? Its Leadership and batting failure.

Unpredictability, resilience and raw talent are hallmarks of Pakistan Cricket, but it lacks batting talent and leadership with pure cricket foresight.

Global COVID-19 lock down and military Siege in Kashmir – situation needs attention

5th august Kashmir, a valley of 8 million forced into lock down. Within a year, world has to face lock down, not imposed by a tyrant. India wants to grab Kashmir.