Image Building or Character Building? Which is Important for Real Growth?

Image Building or Character Building

For growth in professional life, you have to position yourself to make your worth in any business, area of interest or organization. To make your worth you have to focus on personality development. Conscious personality development effort demands setting desired outcomes. The outcome must be the development of self for image building or character building.

Both the concepts “image building” and “character building” seem inextricable interwind. But both lead us to different levels during our professional development. Character building is a broad term and it can lead to the ladder of building a positive image, however, image building is limited and may not help you develop your character. Let us understand both terms with reference to personal and professional growth.

What is Image building?   

It means giving people impressions to hold desirable perceptions about yourself. Image building is the development of one’s reputation in a certain environment which may be an organization or a social or family circle. Image building is influencing surroundings to build a positive public opinion about oneself, regardless of the fact that any virtue is present in an individual. It is not necessary that the acts which build your image are part of your character.

What are Image building techniques?

Body language: It is conscious or unconscious movement of body parts that convey your thinking, feeling and emotions. Most part of human conversation is done through body language. Positive body language leaves a positive impression on onlookers and on whom you meet.     

Dressing: Good dressing gives you confidence and hence improves your body posture. It builds your positive image. Well-tailored dress which is in vogue builds your unique impression in the workplace environment.    

Etiquette and grooming: Displaying good manners and etiquette at the workplace can increase your image in the eyes of your coworkers. Showing etiquette in official meetings and the workplace help improve your reputation and worth.

What is character building?

Character building is a broad term, it means building a whole personality of an individual following a long and painstaking process of sacrifices and banishing bad habits. Character building includes improving thinking patterns by continuous learning, becoming emotionally strong, being independent and strongly dealing with problems. Character building is a cognitive and behavioural process of learning and imparting ethical norms and civic values. Ultimately leading you to a happy and contented life.  

What are character-building techniques?

Good thoughts and intentions: The first and basic thing for character building is having good intentions and pure thoughts because it is the quality of your thoughts that defines your character. Thoughts give you motives to act upon.

Practice self-discipline: Practicing self-discipline is part and parcel of character building. Practising self-discipline is a painstaking process and requires determination because at this stage you learn to let go of bad habits and learn good ones.

Speaking the truth: Speaking the truth however harsh the circumstances maybe is the mark of good character. Whenever you start speaking the truth all bad habits will banish and your self-confidence will improve which will help you become a strong human being.  

Live out your principles and values: Ling your true values and principles to keep your life simple and balanced. Whatever religion or community you belong its basic principles and values teach respect for humanity which is in fact needed in individual and professional life.

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